PJ is our award winning Chef at Heera Indian Restaurant and he has been cooking since the age of 16. PJ’s first job was at the Noor Mahal in Shawlands where he worked and became a fully trained Chef.

It was here that PJ became one of the very first Chefs in Scotland to have a Tandoor oven making traditional Indian Nan bread for his customers. The Noor Mahal was owned by the Shish Mahal and during his time their PJ was privileged to cook for the Indian Cricket Team and Imran Khan.

In 1983 PJ moved onto the Ashoka West and with Charan Gill and his partner Gramil, PJ became their 1st Chef and became famous for his food. PJ had many great years here, creating many modern Indian curry’s that are now served in every restaurant in Scotland.

In 1987 PJ became the Head Chef at Cafe India and after a slow start, the restaurant became a Scottish icon thanks to PJ’s cooking and the many awards it won.

PJ moved onto the Bombay Club in 1990, the most luxurious Indian restaurant in Scotland where he cooked for many famous diners, including Luciano Pavarotti and Billy Connolly to name but a few.

PJ returned to Cafe India in 1995 again to work as their Head Chef where the restaurant went on to win Best Indian Chef & Restaurant for 5 years in a row. During this time PJ was proud to cook for stars such as Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson. He also appeared on Scotland Today during a filming of Chefs Around The World, and he an appearance at the SECC to demonstrate his cooking skills.

In 2001 PJ ventured out on his own with his own Restaurant and in 2007 he won the award of Britain’s Best Indian Chef & Restaurant. 2010 PJ is building the reputation of his Heera Indian Restaurant as one of the finest Indian restaurants in Glasgow if not Scotland.

Freshness of produce is important to PJ, he will only use the very best of locally sourced or the freshest possible produce in his cooking, he is a master in the art of Sea Food and his Mussels in Garlic and Butter Cream Sauce or his Lobster in Spicy Masala, Sea Trout or Salmon Sizzle you must try.

Using the freshest chilli, ginger, garlic, coriander and other spices PJ not only creates amazing tasting dishes but dishes that are healthy, low in fat and leave you wanting more.

PJ is not content with being an award winning chef and restaurant owner, but plans are under way for a cooking school and maybe one day a range of his own brand cooking sauces for you to enjoy at home.